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How to Create a GitHub Repository

This tutorial is a beginner’s introduction to using GitHub for Mac. This video covers creating a GitHub repository in the Terminal application and pushing files to the GitHub website using their desktop application. You will need to create a GitHub account and download GitHub for Mac┬áin order to follow along. Please not that the simple tutorial ends at 8:17. An additional tutorial follows that demonstrates the exact same process but using a different file type/format.

GitHub is a particularly useful tool for DHers because it allows for version control and collaboration. Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same code without over-writing one another’s work. Later, they can choose to merge the multiple versions of code into a single new file. Additionally GitHub maintains snapshots of the code at various points in time, and users will be able to restore their code to previous states.

CrozierScreenCast from DHSkillshare on Vimeo.