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Audio Editing in Garageband

Recording and editing audio for an oral history project or any Digital Humanities project that has a sound-based component does not have to be difficult for DHers of any skill level thanks to widely available technology like the voice recorder that comes standard on most smart phones and free programs like Audacity and Garageband.

With that said, it can be a challenge to produce a podcast or video with consistent, static-free sound. This skillshare shows you some techniques you can use within Garageband to create consistent audio throughout your sound project.

Encoding MP3s Using RazorLame/LAME

Encoding MP3s is essential toward making download-able sound recordings used for research and cultural studies in both scholarly and public humanities. Access to oration of literary works and musical sound recordings are an important factor in digital humanities. RazorLame is a free open source software for encoding MP3s that gives you more control and better options for perfecting sound-quality than…