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Using Voyant for text frequency analysis

Voyant is a free textual analysis tool that can be found online at This instructional post describes how to use Voyant to do text frequency analysis. This includes using tools that Voyant offers as well as exporting data and analyzing it on a spreadsheet. The video also mentions the other capabilities that the website offers, and demonstrates where different elements can be found on the page. I used a recent project of my own to illustrate each step of the process.

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Janelle Varin

Janelle Varin

Janelle is a SILS student at Pratt Institute, and will be finished with her Master's in Library Science in December 2015. She is currently employed as a Senior Library Clerk in the Access & User Services department of The New School Libraries. She is the secretary-treasurer of the Greater New York Music Library Association chapter (GNYMLA), and is also a member of the Music Library Association (MLA) and International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML).