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Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Research February 14, Sarah DeMott, NYU Bobst Library

Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Research workshop was organized as a part of New York City Digital Humanities week in February 2017. The workshop took place in NYU Bobst Library. In the workshop NUY Data Service specialist Sarah DeMott demonstrated how NCapture can be used for collecting data from different social media services, such as Twitter and Facebook, and how…

Social Media Scraping for Qualitative Data Analysis at NYCDH Week 2017

  In her chapter in Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject Specialists, Caro Pinto discusses the evolution of the traditional solitary work of humanities scholars to the collaborative nature of the majority of digital humanities projects. Pinto cites consortiums such as the Tri-Co Digital Humanities Initiative and Five Colleges DH as particularly successful examples of cross-institution…

Publishing Art History Digitally: The Present and the Future

In October, the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University brought together art historians, non-profit professionals and art publishers for a symposium not only on the new phenomena of publishing traditional art historical scholarship online, but on how it relates to publishing digital humanities in art history online. Organized by the online art journal, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide and funded…

Event review: Conference: Afterlives: Place, Memory, Story

CUNY Public history collective conference “Afterlives: place, memory, story” covered different presentations addressing restoring and re-purposing historical material and narratives. In general, it was discussed how to find new innovative ways to reach different audiences in the public history. Many of the presented projects utilized digital tools either in the analysis or for presenting the results of the research. The…

“Immersive Narratives: Advertising, Engagement, and Storytelling,” Panel Presented by CUNY

The Immersive Narratives: Advertising, Engagement, and Storytelling panel was held at Baruch’s Performing Arts Center on Thursday, April 7, 2016. It featured three panelists—two from within the advertising industry, and one media professor. At the heart of the presentations and discussions was the concept of immersion and participation in media—how viewers and consumers are no longer just passive audience members.…

Audio Editing in Garageband

Recording and editing audio for an oral history project or any Digital Humanities project that has a sound-based component does not have to be difficult for DHers of any skill level thanks to widely available technology like the voice recorder that comes standard on most smart phones and free programs like Audacity and Garageband.

With that said, it can be a challenge to produce a podcast or video with consistent, static-free sound. This skillshare shows you some techniques you can use within Garageband to create consistent audio throughout your sound project.