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Mapping Relationships in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle

In this project, I attempted to build on a database I made of organizers, organizations, and campaigns that were part of the Mississippi Freedom Struggle. The information in the original database was found Akinyele Umoja’s in We Will Shoot Back, a history focused on the role of armed resistance and armed self-defense in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle.[1] This text is…

NAGPRA, Cultural Heritage, and Twenty-One Years of Repatriation

Introduction In the paper she presented at the 2009 Proceedings of the Libraries in the Digital Age conference, Digital Cultural Heritage: Concepts, Projects, and Emerging Constructions of Heritage, Marija Dalbello touches on the role of both digital and physical cultural heritage in collective memory formation. She explains that “eliciting and recording public conversation about heritage today raises new questions about…

Textual Analysis and Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are an intrinsic part of the Western cultural narrative. As such, their stories are ever evolving, reflecting the mores and historical and sociological context of their time. The fairy tales of today—heavily influenced by Disney’s adaptations—were built on previous generations’ versions, which developed out of previous versions, and so on. They have been retold first through oral storytelling,…