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MSLIS Candidate at Pratt SI, expected May 2016. Interested in communities of knowledge creation, how structures of power are created and replicated in online communities, and the shortcomings of language-based communication.

“Digital Humanities: Visualizing Data” NYCDH Week Event Review

On February 10, 2016 the New York Academy of Medicine, in conjunction with NYCDH Week held a workshop entitled “Digital Humanities: Visualizing Data”, co-hosted by Miriam Posner and Heidi Knoblauch. The attendees were largely of scholars and professionals who, through some aspect of their work, have a dataset, collection, or other resource that they felt would benefit from the use of DH visualization tools. The workshop provided a general overview of the field, its method, and its roles and responsibilities in the larger academic realm, and focused largely on familiarizing attendees with large datasets and creating exploratory visualizations using them.

Preparing Your Data for Gephi

  This video is a tutorial about how to decide whether your source material and data are suited to Gephi, a network visualization tool, and how to format and otherwise prepare your data to be imported into Gephi. You can download Gephi at, and view the tutorial I mention about manipulating your data once it’s in Gephi at

“When Big Data Slows Down: Digital Humanities and the Study of Roman Amphitheaters” (Dr. Sebastian Heath, NYU unCOMMON Salon, April 21, 2015)

Dr. Sebastian Heath, Clinical Assistant Professor of Ancient Studies at the NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, spoke at the last NYU unCOMMON Salon of the Spring 2015 semester on April 21, 2015. The topic of his talk was the DH methods by which he is attempting to enrich our understanding of leisure in the Roman Empire. But…